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Today, we are proud to recognize our OneRail employee of the month, Curtis Toman! Curtis recently took on a new role at OneRail as a Customer Success Coordinator. Previously in operations, Curtis took his knowledge of OneRail ops and applied it to his new role with ease to reach great success! Through tactical problem solving, Curtis helped discover a critical API solution. He has expanded his skill set in many ways, from managing cross county travel, going “on-site” to work with our clients and partners, and consistent in office engagement.

Curtis is a proud United States Army Veteran and served in the police force for many years. He is a dedicated father and husband to a loving family. Curtis loves the outdoors and can truly answer any “outdoorsy” question you can think of from the best place to canoe to how to raise a chicken or grow a killer garden.

We are lucky to have Curtis as part of the team. Thank you for your dedication to the company and hard work not just this past month, but every day!

Curtis Toman