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Meet Steven Goforth, the Executive Vice President here at OneRail! Goforth has over twenty years of executive experience combining his extensive knowledge of technology, with business acumen and sales success. He is known for his ability to problem solve and develop long-term success by combining his industry experience, organizational skills, and technical knowledge.

Previously retired, Steven came back into action to provide his leadership skills and industry knowledge to the business development team here at OneRail. Throughout his career, he held multiple leadership positions, has innovated the connection of the cloud to point of sale, and has collaborated and been awarded the US Patent regarding mobile digital promotions. When he is not providing his expertise here at OneRail, he can be found spending time with his family or clay shooting!

How do you lead others?

“I think my role as a leader is to get everyone that works for me a promotion. I generally believe, especially when you have good talent, that it is important not to create extra work. I don’t believe in a management style that requires employees to spend time and energy in creating something new, like a powerpoint, just to present to management. A quick screenshot will do.

When you have good talent, where the employees are dedicated and excited to reach new breakthroughs, management is easy. I often tell them to stop and turn off their computers, and go play with their kids. Through my perspective, I know they will never get the time back spent working all night. I wouldn't attempt to use my management style on everyone, but it works with my team because of the hard working people they are.

I get excited when they have breakthroughs, I get excited when they are successful. I truly believe my job as their leader is to stay out of their way, and get them promoted.”

What would you deem your greatest accomplishment to be within your career?

“First, I am personally very proud to have collaborated on the invention of the US Patent for mobile digital promotions. This allows consumers to select coupons on mobile devices. I am also incredibly proud of connecting the point of sale system to the cloud, which led to the success of M-Dot. At the time, no one had connected the cloud and point of sale. Lastly, I am proud of my kids and their success.”

What thrills you the most about being a part of the leadership here at OneRail?

“I think what I like the most about it is that I like the people. I've been in big companies and little, and I tend to like the smaller ones. I tend to love it when I like the people I work with. I haven’t met a person at OneRail that I didn’t like. Everyone is jumping in the same direction to get things done, it's awesome.”

 If you could give your younger self a piece of advice, what would you say?

“This is along the lines of what I tell my employees, to tell my younger self to spend less time on outlook, and more time outside. Less time worried about trying to get it perfect, and instead just getting it good enough.  I would say hey it’s going to be okay”

What are you likely to be doing outside of work?

“Well besides being horrible at retirement, and equally as horrible at golf, I have found a love for shooting clay. I actually was just awarded 3rd place in a competition with my buddy. Besides that, I love to visit family right around the corner, and will take any excuse to play with my grandson.”