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OneRail is proud to announce they have received the SOC2 and SOC for Supply Chain certification! 

Written by: Sierra Hack

ORLANDO, FL (August 13, 2020) – OneRail, an Orlando-based final mile delivery orchestration and fulfillment platform, is proud to announce they have received their SOC 2 and SOC for Supply Chain Certification.

When speaking with Jeff Flowers, CFO and COO of OneRail, he shared, “The SOC2 and SOC for Supply Chain certification is one of the best tools we have to illustrate to our customers that their data is safe with OneRail. Our journey with SOC2 and SOC for Supply Chain entailed six months of policy review, design and test. This certification creates peace of mind for our customers’ Information Technology teams that extensive due diligence has been performed on their behalf by a known and trusted third party. This is an incredible time and cost saving benefit for our customers.”

Recognizing the importance of risk management and the responsibility OneRail holds for its clients, SOC2 provides transparency of processes and controls, heightened management of sensitive data, and increases trust between parties.   

“Preparing for and completing SOC2 has helped OneRail to quickly mature our internal processes to meet the demands of our enterprise clients. The third-party audit and report prove that OneRail’s platform services, IT, and operations all function in a manner that ensures business continuity, privacy of our customer’s data, and security of our infrastructure” explains David Daeschler, CTO of OneRail.

Jeff Flowers continued to explain, “Our SOC2 and SOC for Supply Chain certification also adds immediate value to our Logistics Partner Network.  Through OneRail, Logistics Partners can instantaneously gain access to inaccessible or difficult to obtain shipping contracts due to the need for data security and compliance.”

This 6-month path has led to a massive accomplishment for OneRail, truly demonstrating their commitment to their clients and logistics partners!


About OneRail

OneRail is a multi-mode delivery orchestration platform providing real-time visibility, actionable data, and data-driven optimization capabilities for its enterprise clients. OneRail’s cloud-based software simplifies same-day and on-demand delivery execution by connecting the demand signal (POS, eCommerce, ERP) with an ecosystem of delivery networks and internal fleets, in real-time. OneRail’s centralized view of supply chain data enables data-driven optimization, positively impacting the dependability, speed, and cost of fulfillment. To learn more about OneRail or to inquire how OneRail can better help you increase the competitive advantage of your supply chain, please visit us at