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Supply Chain 247

March 31, 2020

Earlier today, Orlando, Fla.-based OneRail, a provider of final mile delivery services for enterprise shippers, rolled out a new offering, entitled QuickStart, that enables retail shippers to immediately find more final mile delivery capacity required to support increased in e-commerce demand brought on by the coronavirus, or COVID-19, pandemic.

OneRail Founder and CEO, Bill Catania, told LM that the company began working on "QuickStart" two weeks ago, when it became apparent that social distancing and "contactless" delivery became a priority.

“We began by putting ourselves in the shoes of our clients by asking ‘what are the biggest pain points if you had to double or triple delivery volume almost instantly?’” he said. “The biggest barrier to instant scale for our clients was the time requried to facilitate an enterprise tech integration, the second pain point was instant delivery network coverage. OneRail solves the integration pain point by utilizing the existing e-commerce enterprise solution to automate the creation of delivery orders, or (if they don't have an e-commerce solution and are store-based or ‘upstream’ in the supply chain) we provide a  ‘delivery user interface’ for them to enter deliveries manually if needed.”