Final Mile, Delivered.

We Enable the Rapid Scale of Same and Next Day Final Mile Delivery

Final mile success is defined by technology, and people.


We connect your demand signal (POS, eCommerce, ERP) with the ecosystem of Delivery Networks and your Internal Fleet. The result enables complete visibility and unmatched exceptions reporting.


Logistics Management

OneRail’s dedicated fulfillment operations team provides 24/7 oversight for all deliveries executed by the OneRail platform. We collaborate with our customers to define an exceptions management framework and then execute upon that framework to ensure successful disposition of each and every final mile delivery task.

We Create Value by Increasing your Capabilities, Lowering your Costs

While OneRail provides a delightful final mile experience for your customers, you will also be delighted at the impact to your bottom line.

OneRail Platform

Real-Time Demand Signal Integration

The OneRail team has decades of retail Point of Sale (POS) integration experience and is prepared to fully automate your Final Mile fulfillment process utilizing your existing POS system with no further hardware required.

  • Automate delivery from your Demand Signal
  • Supporting the top POS systems in Club, Mass, Grocery, Dollar, Drug, and Specialty channels
  • Seamlessly integrate with ERP, Ordering, and Internal Systems
  • Increase delivery speed and carrier matching accuracy

Optimization through Demand Sensing and Shaping

The outcome of OneRail’s API integration to your demand signal and with delivery networks is the ability to leverage AI and Machine Learning enabling a high degree of accuracy for both Demand Sensing and Shaping; Enabling you to get smarter with every delivery, resulting in a perpetual lowering of cost per item delivered.

  • Predict the best delivery outcome before it happens.
  • Automate delivery forecasting to better predict delivery network service coverage and capabilities
  • Predict future fulfillment demand, order mix, and timing

Delivery Network Aggregation, Integration and Management

OneRail partners with leading delivery networks to ensure that you have the flexibility to meet your final mile fulfillment demand. Whether you are fulfilling eCommerce at the speed of light or need to have the capacity to manage gaps with your own internal fleet, OneRail is integrated and partnered with a mix of delivery networks that will satisfy your needs.

  • Manage fulfillment capacity
  • Always have coverage
  • Always have the right fulfillment asset
  • Complete management through POD

Exception Identification and Management

OneRail’s real-time integration with delivery networks enables seamless exception management, reducing what is the highest cost stage of the delivery value chain.

  • Instantly receive Exception data such as wrong address, product damage, delays
  • Delight customers with rapid issue escalation
  • Automate workflow between stakeholders to disposition deliveries with exceptions

One Complete Final Mile Platform

OneRail has created a completely modular platform that can be assembled in many ways to solve your final mile delivery needs.


Seamlessly create delivery tasks with each of the following OneRail platform modules.


POS Connect

OneRail will help you make good on your omnichannel promise. Connect your Point of Sale (POS) solution to a vast network of delivery networks, in real-time, as your consumers express demand in your store.


eCommerce Connect

Turn online and mobile orders into deliveries instantly with OneRail’s eCommerce API. Seamlessly push eCommerce data to OneRail. Our Smart Dispatch module will instantly match your order to the right network based on AI-driven algorithms.


ERP Connect

Distribution to your B2B customers, dock to dock, manufacturing facilities, or any required movement of your inventory can easily be accomplished by integrating OneRail with your ERP platform.


Customized Ordering UI

Not ready to fully automate your final mile delivery? OneRail provides a customized role-based delivery requisition UI that can be deployed across your organization. Empower your team to have anything delivered anytime.


OneRail will match your delivery request with “right” network, every time.


Smart Dispatch

AI-driven algorithms determine the right delivery network for each delivery in milliseconds. Rules-driven architecture ensures your delivery will be matched based on many data points, from past performance, to the ability to handle specific cube and weight combinations, to complexities such as white glove service or the need for refrigeration.



Delivery Network API

OneRail is integrated with many delivery networks, ranging from networks. Our partner networks offer a wide range of capabilities, and the sum of our partners offer unmatched “depth”. The OneRail Delivery Network API allows for a real-time push of data back to OneRail from our partner’s courier mobile app, such as latitude and longitude, exception data, and POD.


Fleet Mobile App

No app? No problem! OneRail’s Fleet Mobile App is utilized by our customers for their internal fleets, and for delivery networks that do not have their own courier application. Much like the Delivery Network API, the OneRail Fleet Mobile app provides real-time data connectivity to the OneRail platform and complete visibility for our customers.


Route Optimization

OneRail utilizes AI and Machine Learning to determine the best route for each delivery, as well as intelligent route creation that will lower our customer’s effective cost per delivery.



Logisitics Management

When you enter a delivery into the OneRail platform, you are done. OneRail is staffed to provide complete logistics management coverage for all of your deliveries. Our management team is based in Orlando, Florida and is focused on dispositioning all Exceptions as they happen. OneRail services B2C, B2B, and B2B2C fulfillment models. Think of OneRail as an extension of your management team.


Exception Manager

Exceptions drive cost, in what is the costliest part of the delivery journey, Final Mile. OneRail’s real-time integration with Delivery Networks and Internal Fleets enable us to have instant access to exception data. OneRail’s rules-driven architecture allows us to develop and enforce a framework that minimize the cost and customer impact of exceptions as they occur, lowering operational costs and delighting your customers.


Management Portal

OneRail provides complete visibility to all final mile operations which can be viewed through the OneRail Management UI. The OneRail Management UI is your single source of Truth for all of your Final Mile delivery outcomes and operations.


Demand Sense

OneRail’s real-time data connectivity, combined with AI and Machine Learning, provides rich data that can be used to predict the future timing of demand signals, and ultimately the most efficient and effective fulfillment method and path.

Demand Shape

Driven by Demand Sense, Demand Shape determines which delivery option is most efficient, the type of delivery your customers will demand, by location and day part, enabling the shaping of a customized and highly relevant fulfillment solution that is personalized to your customer.

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The OneRail team has built and scaled enterprise platforms across the landscape of Retail, Supply Chain, and Logistics, and has the Enterprise Platform Development skills to help you solve your biggest and most painful problems.

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