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Diversity and Inclusion - Our Commitment

By: Sierra Hack

Orlando, FL 

Diversity and inclusion. These two words are our commitment at OneRail to foster an environment of inclusivity. Since our start, we have developed a foundation of a diverse, unique company culture. Inclusion and diversity are fundamental to our culture and core values, fostering an innovative, collaborative and high-energy work environment. We are proud to employ a workforce comprised of individuals of varying gender, religion, race, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, education, and many other attributes.

Encouraging diversity is something that we as a company believe makes us better in all facets. Hiring professionals with diverse backgrounds, nationalities and cultures bring a fresh array of perspectives and ideas to the table. This directly leads to innovation! “OneRail's melting pot of culture, race and gender, as well as its diversity in thought, helps us build more inclusive products”, said Mo Cheema, Head of Product at OneRail. “Our design implementation includes the diverse inputs from our team and customers so that it's usable by as many people as possible. Inclusive design has helped us expand our product's reach.” OneRail believes having a progressive, inclusive workplace attracts the best talents – those looking to grow and be challenged while feeling accepted. We recognize that each person on our team has unique strengths. And by embracing those strengths, we all deliver high performance – together.

At OneRail, we are proud to embrace a team of all races, genders, religions, ages, ethnicity, backgrounds and cultures. We will continue to foster diversity with our inclusive environment and company culture – strengthening our workplace for the future.