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We are excited for you to meet Matt Schultz, Vice President of Logistic Partnerships here at OneRail. Schultz holds an extensive background in leading businesses through planning and development, along with operational management. As an experienced executive, Schultz has made an impact across multiple verticals, including industries such as waste management and fitness. His provided skill set has played an instrumental role in growing OneRail’s logistic partnership network. Overall, as a strong professional and exceptional leader, Schultz is a huge asset to the leadership team. OneRail is lucky to have him on the team!

How would you describe your leadership style? 

"I would consider myself both a servant and a democratic leader. As a servant leader, I listen first and foremost. It’s important to listen to the employees, to be empathetic, and to really listen to their thoughts, and what is going on in their daily lives. 
I also empower them to act as a part of the overall team, which is where the democratic leadership comes in. As a leader, I really want to make sure my team is a part of the decision-making process – and not just feel like they are on the sideline, where they have no say. It can be difficult nowadays with my team not being here in person every day to make them feel like they are in the process – So I really empower their involvement."

What excites you the most about being a part of the leadership here at OneRail?

"I think what excites me the most is that I get to be a part of a team that is tasked with building this brand and product from the ground up."

If you could offer one piece of advice - what would it be? 

"So, this is very basic, but my advice would simply be– take a breath. I think it is very important to just take a breath, take time to listen to the entire story, and do not jump to conclusions prematurely. You need to have some patience to really understand what is happening to efficiently solve a problem"

How do you make room for learning - while leading? 
"Most importantly, I listen. I listen to the leaders around me and I learn both the good and the bad. I believe when you are in the role, you must understand the business – and to understand the business you have the listen to everyone. 
So, I listen and learn, and I learn both the good and the bad. I learn what not to do – and what to do."

Lastly - outside of work, where are you likely to be found? 

"Outside of work I am likely to be with my family either at the gym or Walt Disney World. I am a huge family person and if I am with my family, I am happy."