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OneRail experiences rapid growth - onboards 4.5M fleet through Logistics Partners

ORLANDO, FL (July 22, 2020) – OneRail, an Orlando-based final mile delivery orchestration and fulfillment platform, onboards over 4.5M fleet through Logistic Partners. OneRail is proud to partner with some of the top couriers across the United States driving growth, fleet capabilities, market accessibility and delivery modes.

OneRail is proud to bring on an extensive group of couriers including but not limited to, DoorDash, Postmates, Frayt, Priority One, Chicago Messenger Service, Fusion Logistics, Skipcart, USA Couriers, and USPack.

“We see our OneRail Logistics Partners as our most valued asset” explained OneRail’s VP of Logistic Partnerships, Matt Schultz. “Through our advanced, data driven technology, we ensure Logistics Partners have immediate volume in their market and are automatically matched with deliveries that fit their network. This allows them to grow their business while ensuring our clients have full accessibility for their final mile needs.”

The OneRail Platform automatically and intelligently matches shipping tasks to the OneRail courier network based on weight & size, market location, max driving distance, fleet capacity and rates of success.  OneRail’s state of the art technology, seamlessly connects their clients to the extensive network ecosystem of couriers, all in one platform.

Learn more about the OneRail exclusive network of Logistic Partners!

About OneRail

OneRail is a final mile delivery orchestration platform providing real-time visibility, actionable data, and data-driven optimization capabilities for its enterprise clients. OneRail’s cloud-based “delivery switch” simplifies same-day and on-demand delivery execution by connecting the demand signal (POS, eCommerce, ERP) with an ecosystem of delivery networks and internal fleets, in real-time. The result of OneRail’s centralized view of disparate final mile data enables data-driven optimization, positively impacting the dependability, speed, and cost of final mile fulfillment. To learn more about OneRail or to inquire how OneRail can better help you increase the competitive advantage of your supply chain, please visit us at