OneRail QuickStart eCommerce Fulfillment Program

Getting Started is Fast and Free

Instant contactless last mile delivery fleet cap satisfy the consumer demand for eCommerce fulfillment caused by COVID-19.

48 Hour Implementation, No integration necessary.

70% Reduction

in delivery costs to customers

60% Reduction

in time spent on delivery functions

100% Improved

visibility to every stage of the delivery

95% On-Time

Service Level Compliance

Turning on Delivery should be as Easy as Turning on a Lamp.

COVID-19 has been a catalyst for the trial and adoption of eCommerce and contactless last mile delivery fulfillment across all Consumer demographics and Retail channels.

QuickStart is a fast, Integration Free, eCommerce fulfillment engine that automatically dispatches deliveries generated by your existing eCommerce solution to a robust network of managed Couriers.

With QuickStart, both large and small retailers have the tools to immediately adapt to this seismic consumer behavior change in an economically efficiently way.

Download our QuickStart eCommerce Fulfillment Program Guide and see if your business is a fit!

eCommerce Demand has Spiked due to COVID-19

Since March 12, 2020, Consumer response to COVID-19 has driven the growth of non-food eCommerce sales to over 100% vs. a normal +15%. Grocery eCommerce ordering has increased over 200% during the same period.

Fast, Easy Onboarding.

OneRail utilizes your existing eCommerce platform with no integration required.

  • 1 Hour discovery session.
  • Compatible with “ALL” eCommerce platforms
  • Determine your delivery SLA’s
  • User set-up, configuration, and training modules

Automated and Intelligent Dispatch to OneRail’s National Courier Network.

OneRail is integrated with over 100,000 Couriers across the United States. The OneRail platform instantly analyzes your delivery order and determines the lowest cost and most efficient Courier to execute your delivery.

  • OneRail matches Couriers to your SLA’s
  • Fleet assets to deliver a parcel, or a truck load
  • Variable-sized fleet ranging from Sedans to Box Trucks
  • Tracking and Delivery milestones
  • Chain of custody management

Logistics and Exceptions Management.

OneRail’s Logistics Management team manages each of your deliveries from the moment each delivery order is created, through successful proof of delivery.

  • Logistics management team based in Orlando, Florida
  • Human intervention and escalation for all exceptions, such as late delivery, wrong address, missing items
  • Exceptions resolution, delighted customers

Download your OneRail QuickStart Delivery Guide to Learn More.

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